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What does Hast du gestern gemacht mean in English?

English. was hast du gestern gemacht. what did you do yesterday.

What language is È muito Bem Vindo?

Translation of bem-vindo – Portuguese–English dictionary.

What does EU tenho namorado mean?

i don’t mind.

What is welcome Brazil?

Brazilian Portuguese: bem-vindo.

What is the meaning of Vindo?

diaper {noun} vindo (also: vindotuko, vindaĵo)

How do you say welcome in different languages?

How do I say ‘welcome’ in different languages?English – Welcome.Spanish – Bienvenido.French – Salut.Russian – Privet.Urdu – Khush Amdeed.Romanian – Bine ati venit.Japanese – Yōkoso.Chinese – Huānyíng.More items…

What is the meaning of Obrigado?

thanks!British English: thanks! / ˈθæŋks/ INTERJECTION. You can say `thanks! ‘ to show that you are grateful to someone for something they have done.

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