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Is chia seed pudding good for you?

The nutritional power of chia Chia seed pudding is a super-tasty and extremely easy way to sneak healthy fats into your diet. Chia seeds are filled with omega-3 fatty acids — the good fats that promote heart and joint health and aid memory.

What are the benefits of eating chia seeds?

Chia seeds contain quercetin, an antioxidant that can reduce your risk of developing several health conditions, including heart disease. The seeds also high in fiber, which can help to lower high blood pressure and, in turn, reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Chia seeds are high in fiber.

What is the best way to eat chia seeds?

Dry chia seeds can also be added whole or ground to smoothies and juices, mixed into yogurt and oatmeal, or sprinkled on top of a salad. If you’re adding the seeds to a drink or a “wet” dish like porridge, they’ll swell up slightly while you eat but retain a slight crunch.

Should you chew chia seeds?

Beware Chia. Chew A Lot. A more nuanced moral, from Rawl, also urges caution: “Nobody should be eating these seeds dry,” said Rawl, who has never personally eaten a single one of the tiny, oval-shaped seeds.

Does chia seeds burn belly fat?

Chia seeds cannot burn fat on their own, however, they promote weight loss when someone is on a calorie-restricted diet and on an exercise routine. Many people drink this drink made with lemon and chia seeds and have reported to have lost belly fat (complete recipe below).

Do chia seeds make you poop?

There are so many reasons why chia seeds are super healthy, and their fiber content is the main reason they’re one of the best foods to help you poop. Chia seeds are packed with fiber, boasting an impressive 10 grams per ounce (which is about two tablespoons).

Is it OK to eat chia seeds everyday?

Chia seeds are highly nutritious, boast a long list of health benefits and can be a healthy dietary addition for most. However, moderation is key, as eating too many may cause side effects. To prevent this, start with 1 ounce (28 grams) daily and assess your tolerance before slowly increasing your intake.

What is the side effects of chia seeds?

However, certain individuals may experience side effects if they eat large quantities of chia seeds, including those with diabetes, high blood pressure, and allergies. Too many chia seeds may also lead to digestive issues, and if someone overeats chia seeds, it could lead to weight gain.

Do chia seeds stick to your intestines?

Whole chia seeds can sometimes get stuck in the intestinal lining, causing discomfort and bloating, although in theory they are cleansing the system and getting into every nook & cranny this also can be uncomfortable whilst it occurs.

Who should avoid chia seeds?

4. Allergies. “Chia seeds are in the mint family, so people with known allergies to mint, sesame, or mustard seeds should be cautious about trying chia seeds,” Zellner says. “Food allergy symptoms may include vomiting, diarrhea, itching of the lips or tongue, or anaphylaxis.”

Can chia seeds make you gain weight?

Do chia seeds make you gain weight? No, chia seeds alone are unlikely to make you gain weight. Nutritionist Ellie explains that whilst they have a high fat content they’re not something to avoid if wanting to lose weight. And weight gain is unlikely “if you eat them in the right portion sizes.”

Is chia seeds good for skin?

Chia seeds have high levels of antioxidants that help fight free radical damage that is caused by our skin’s exposure to UV rays. This is also helpful in keeping ageing-related skin problems like wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

Is Chia Seed Pudding Healthy?

This pudding reminds me a little bit of tapioca pudding, only this one is made with chia seeds, which are loaded with antioxidants, plant-based protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber.

Benefits of Chia Seeds

What’s so great about chia seeds? Here are a few reasons why I love them.

How to Make Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

Making this pudding is incredibly easy. All you need to do is stir together the chocolate milk ingredients — almond milk, cacao powder, maple syrup, and a splash of vanilla– and then pour that over the chia seeds.

How to Thicken Chia Pudding

If you have a chia pudding that won’t thicken up, or has a runny consistency, there are a few ways to fix that. Hopefully the following tips will prevent it from happening in the first place!

Tips for Blended Chia Seed Pudding

If you don’t like the texture of chia seeds, you can blend chia pudding to create a smooth consistency. Just add all of the ingredients to a blender, including the chia seeds, and blend until smooth.

How to Make Chia Seed Pudding without Added Sugar

In the recipe below I’ve made it as easy as possible to prepare this pudding by using maple syrup. It’s easy to measure and takes just minutes to stir together.

Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe Video

While it’s super easy to make this recipe, it always helps to watch a quick step-by-step tutorial video. Give it a watch below!

Are Chia Seeds Healthy?

They sure are! Chia seeds have a ton of health benefits. They’re on my list of 8 anti-inflammatory foods to eat every week since they’re so high in antioxidants and loaded with fiber. In fact, they may be the best source of fiber on the planet.

What Kind of Milk Can I Use in Chia Seed Pudding?

This chocolate chia seed pudding will work with all types of dairy and dairy-free milks. I used my cashew milk recipe ( my personal favorite). But you could also use almond milk , banana milk or coconut milk.

How Long Will the Pudding Last?

Chocolate chia pudding can be left in the fridge for about 4-5 days. This makes it an easy treat to make in a batch and enjoy over the course of a week.

More Delicious Chia Seed Recipes

Did you know you could turn this chocolate chia pudding in a smooth and creamy chocolate chia mousse? You sure can! Here’s more chia seed recipes you’ll love as well:

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding is a perfectly simple and light dessert when you’re having a chocolate craving. There’s only 5 ingredients and you likely have them already. Watch the video above to see how quickly it comes together!


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