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How do you respond to Tudo bem in Portuguese?

If you want to say “How is it going?” you ask tudo bem? (“too-du bayn“,) and the response is tudo bom (“too-du bom“) or again tudo bem (“too-du bayn“), ie “Everything’s good. It’s going well.” If you want to get more colorful, your response could be beleza (“bell-ay-za“), which is to say “Everything’s beautiful.”

How do you respond to Bom Dia in Portuguese?

How to respond: With all of these, responding with “Bom dia/Boa tarde/Boa noite” is all that’s needed. You could also add a “How are you?” into it: Boa noite, como vai? (Good evening, how are you?) Bom dia, tudo bem? (Good morning, how are you?)

How do you answer Oi Tudo bem?

So when you meet someone, try greeting them with ‘oi, tudo bem? ‘. The most common reply, independent on how you really are feeling, is ‘tudo bem’. The reply is exactly the same as the question, just the intonation changes.

What does AI mean in Brazil?

E aí is one of the most popular informal greetings in Brazil. It means hello or hi or even hey. It can also mean “so…”.

What’s up in Portuguese slang?

If you mean “What’s up?” as in a casual greeting, the most common equivalents in Portuguese would probably be “Tudo bem?”, “Estás bom?” (when talking to men) or “Estás boa?” (when talking to women). If you mean “What’s up?” as an expression of concern (like “What’s the matter?

How do you respond to Como estas in Portuguese?

Two of the most common are como vai? (lit: “how does it go?”) and como estás? (lit: “how are you?”). You can reply to either with a simple estou bem (I’m good) or just bem. Remember that there are two ways of saying “you” (in the singular) in European Portuguese.

Is it Tudo bem Tudo bom?

The most common way to answer is to simply say: Tudo. You can also say: Tudo bem.

What is Tudo Bom in English?

All ok! Very goodTudo (de) bom! (Portuguese expression): All ok! Very good!

How do you greet in Portuguese?

In Portuguese, people use the expressions Bom dia, Boa tarde and Boa noite both when saying hello and goodbye, as in Olá, bom dia – Hello, good morning or Adeus, boa tarde – Goodbye and good afternoon to you. For good evening, boa tarde is used before it gets dark and boa noite after.

How do you say cool in Brazil?

0:282:07Cool & Awesome in Portuguese Slang – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo you can use a phrase like leg. Our car that’s the same of cool man so the second words like anMoreSo you can use a phrase like leg. Our car that’s the same of cool man so the second words like an old sling that my dad used to say but it’s too cool to use the word is bakkanna.

How do you say yay in Portuguese?


What does Valeu mean in Brazil?

thanks’Valeu’ You will definitely hear this a lot in Rio de Janeiro! Valeu is an informal way to say ‘thanks’ and would translate to ‘cheers’ in English. You can use it in any situation.

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