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Baal-Zephon era el nombre que recibía Baal como señor del Monte Zaphon, cuyo nombre significa “Señor del Norte”. Era el protector del comercio marítimo y sus devotos Fenicios y Cananeos construyeron santuarios en su honor alrededor del Mar Mediterráneo. En la religión Cananea fue asociado con el ángel Zephon.


What is the meaning of Baal Zephon?

Baal-zephon. “The Lord”) in his role as lord of Mount Zaphon; he is identified in the Ugaritic texts as Hadad. Because of the mountain’s importance and location, it came to metonymously signify ” north ” in Hebrew; the name is therefore sometimes mistakenly given in translation as Lord of the North.

Is Baal-Zephon the same as Typhon?

Alfred Jones (Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names) is more confident and declares Zephon to be the same as the Egyptian god Typhon, better known as Set. Note that for undisclosed reasons, the name of Gad’s son Ziphion evolved into Zephon. The name Baal-zephon consists of two parts.

What is the height of Baal-Zephon?

Baal-zephon is located at Mt. Tiran, which is 501 meters high. Mt. Tiran is located on Tiran Island, Saudi Arabia. “Baal-zephon” means literally: “lord of the north”.

Where is Baʿal Zaphon worshipped?

In addition to his temple at Jebel Aqra and Ugarit, Baʿal Zaphon is known to have been worshipped at Tyre and Carthage and served as the chief god of the colony at Tahpanes. A 14th-century letter from the king of Ugarit to the Egyptian pharaoh places Baʿal Zaphon as equivalent to Amun.


Where did the name Baal Zephon come from?

14:2, 9; Num. 33:7). Presumably the toponym takes its name from the god Baal Zephon known from texts beginning in the early second millennium B.C.E. and continuing well into the first.

What is the name of the mountain in Baal Zephon?

Since another mountain called Mons Casius (Jebel Aqra on the Syrian coast) was known in earlier times as Baal-Zephon, it is consequently assumed that the southern Baal-Zephon was also called Casius. The site is identified with a hillock on the western extremity of the lake called Maḥmūdiyya.

What does Baal Zephon mean?

a. “Baal-zephon” means literally: “lord of the north”. (Baal = lord + zephon = north.)

Where does the name Baal Zephon come from?

“Baal-Zephon literally means “Lord of the North,” pointing to the Ugaritic storm god Hadad, often called Baal in Ugaritic texts and the Bible. The name Zephon derives from Mount Zephon, or Jebel el-Aqra, which is 25 miles (40 km) north of Ugarit on the coastal border of present-day Syria and Turkey.

Where is the entrance to the canal of Baal Zephon?

This second geographic reference “entrance to the canal FACING Baal-Zephon” identifies the shoreline from the southern tip of the modern Sinai Peninsula north towards the Gulf of Aqaba.

Is Baal Zephon the same as Zeus?

Eissfeldt has shown that Baal-Zephon and the Graeco-Roman Zeus Casios are the same, and the Graeco-Roman deity came to be identified with the Canaanite one.” (LBD, Baal-Zephon) b. “At least 3 sanctuaries of Baal-zephon in N Egypt are known: Memphis, Tahpanhes (Tell Defneh), and Mt. Casius at Ras Qasrun.

What does Baal Zephon mean?

The name Baal-zephon most literally means Lord Of The Hidden Things and may even refer to esotericism: the deliberate keeping away of knowledge from the uninitiated. The Creator, of course, doesn’t entertain a culture of elites and secrecy but invites everybody to get down with everything there is to know.

What does “Ba’al” mean?

The verb בעל ( ba’al) means to exercise dominion over; to own, control or be lord over. The ubiquitous noun בעל ( ba’al) means lord, master and even husband, and its feminine counterpart בעלה ( ba’ala) means mistress or landlady.

What does “sapon” mean in the Bible?

Verb צפן ( sapan) means to hide or store up. Nouns צפין ( sapin) and מצפון ( maspon) describe a mass of predominantly static wealth. Noun צפון ( sapon) means north, as for unexplained reasons the Bible considers the north a place of gathering. Noun or adjective צפוני ( seponi) means northern or northern one.

What is the name of Gad’s son?

Note that for undisclosed reasons, the name of Gad’s son Ziphion evolved into Zephon.


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